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Are you bored with “cubic, stripped-down design” and a “clean minimalist look”? Are you craving self-indulgent creativity and fantasy? Well, with Bretz, a zealous lust for life enters every room. No obliging monotony, no “austere functionality”. Instead, genuine characters bursting at the seams with passion and emotion, just waiting for your call. Our sofas and beds are so much more than just a place to sit and sleep. They are cherished havens inviting you to indulge and thrive, small oases of self-actualisation in the never-ending hustle and bustle of daily life. Let go, lay back, arrive, sit and be still, be crazy, be inspired, beam with joy. Once you have enjoyed the spirited luxury of one of our character sofas, you will never want it any other way. The sheer lust for life embodied by these charismatic individuals is just too alluring. Their pure sensuality touches our souls and lets them dance uninhibited to the rhythm of a fearless heart.

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